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Four Reasons You Should Choose Trash Removal Over Burning Waste

Did you know that as Americans, we generate about 390 million tons of trash each year? ?That translates into about 7 pounds a day for every man, woman, and child.

All of this waste has resulted in some of our major issues today, which include sustainability and the protection of the environment.

Trash Removal Vs. Burning Waste: Lack of Regulations

Unlike Waste To Energy plants that are monitored by federal and local regulations, backyard burning is not held to the same standard. There are numerous negative consequences to this practice.

You may think that you are just saving some money by burning your own waste. However, by not using your local waste management service for trash removal, you are risking the health and safety of your family, as well as others in the area.

Trash Removal Vs. Burning Waste: The Environment

Many people choose to discard of their waste by burning it in a barrel, outdoor boiler or simply in a pile on the ground. Burning releases smoke into the air. The toxicity of the smoke will depend on the materials being burned. Other variables are the available oxygen and the temperature the fire reaches.

Burning your waste in a barrel can keep materials smoldering, releasing larger amounts of harmful chemicals into the environment.

Examples of toxic trash items include plastics, pressure treated wood and polystyrene products such as foam cups.

Trash Removal Vs. Burning Waste: Your Health

In addition to the pollution released into the air, some chemicals may remain in the ash, which stays on your property. You or a member of your family, as well as pets, can easily come in contact with these toxic materials.

Even if there are no toxic materials being released, breathing the smoke can still have a negative effect on you and your family and pets. Smoke will deposit any chemical residue on nearby gardens and pools, exposing you in a second-hand manner. ?People with heart and lung conditions, as well as young children are especially negatively impacted.

If you are exposed to smoke, you could experience burning eyes and nose, headaches, nausea or dizziness. More sensitive people may experience some of these symptoms just by smelling the odor.

A Matter of Public Safety

An unsupervised or ill-supervised fire can easily get out of hand, particularly in warm, dry weather. What started as a simple backyard burn can potentially destroy an entire surrounding area if the conditions are ripe for a fire. Trash removal is much safer.

Residential Trash Services: Your Safest Bet

The reasons stated above should convince you that it is best to hire a professional trash removal service to take your waste. It is not worth the terrible consequences of burning your own trash just to save a small amount of money. Your local residential trash removal services company will ensure that your waste is safely delivered and stored based on federal and local regulations.

Waste Management Services

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