small conex box storage container

Find the perfect fit for your storage needs with a conex box from Automated Waste Services.

A durable, low-maintenance solution to storage and trash removal, a conex box can be a very useful addition to your property. Originally designed for intermodal shipping across the globe, these containers are watertight, secure and rodent-proof. They arrive fully assembled, and their ground-level doors make for convenient loading and unloading. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, so how do you know which one to choose? Well, that will depend on the size of the job. Do you need a small container for garbage collection, or do you need a larger box for the temporary storage of excess inventory? In any case, Automated Waste Services can deliver a conex box for jobs of all scopes.

Conex Box Sizes and Construction

Conex boxes come in an array of sizes, but the most common lengths are 20 feet and 40 feet. Certain pallet-wide boxes can be 45, 48 and 53 feet in length, but they are not as common. Conex box height typically ranges between 8?6? and 9?6?. The smallest containers are generally eight feet in length. Built from corrugated steel with plywood floors, conex boxes feature twistlock technology in all eight corners for safe storage, stacking and loading.

Conex Boxes: Common Applications

These versatile storage containers can be used for a number of purposes. A 20-foot-long conex box makes a great tool shed or shop. Maybe you need a place to store your furniture and household items while your new home is being constructed. A 40-foot conex box offers a secure, cost-effective solution. Perhaps you are a business owner and you have seasonal or surplus inventory that needs to be warehoused. Again, the 40-foot container might be the best option. Of course, you might just need a eight-foot container for garbage collection. Automated Waste Services provides those as well.

Conex boxes can also serve many other purposes. Schools frequently use them for the off-season storage of athletic equipment. Military installations, government entities and hospitals use them for the storage of sensitive documents and records. Construction companies house their tools and building materials in them as well.

Do you need storage containers for an upcoming move? Perhaps you just need temporary storage for household items or building supplies while your new house is completed. Maybe you?re looking to add a workshop or storage facility to your existing property. Regardless of what your storage needs are, Automated Waste Services can deliver the conex box that best suits your specific situation.