office employee practicing waste management by recycling

Encourage waste management within the workplace.

For decades, companies and offices have struggled with waste management solutions. A majority of American companies use bulk trash pickup services to handle the large amount of waste at the workplace. Unfortunately, though, a lot of the materials tossed into the large roll-off dumpsters can be recycled ? the services just aren?t in place.

Sometimes, recycling services can be costly, leaving some companies with no choice but to choose one or the other. It doesn?t have to be expensive to recycle, and quite frankly, it shouldn?t be. Starting an office recycling program isn?t hard or terribly expensive. All you?ll need is a few receptacles and an affordable pickup service. Not sure where to start? Automated Waste Services is here to help.

Getting Started With Your Office Waste Management Program

Starting an office recycling program is easy and extremely beneficial to the environment. Start with an empty paper box or two, labeled ?recycle.? Begin collecting shredded paper and unwanted documents in strategically, convenient places throughout the office. Employees are more apt to dispose of recyclables if there are receptacles nearby.

Be sure to empty the receptacles into a larger, main receptacle every day, or every other day, just to be sure to avoid overflow. Your employees will find ease in disposing recyclables in close locations that are maintained, rather than remote locations that seem to be neglected. Automated Waste Services will even provide a recycle receptacle, in addition to traditional waste roll-off containers, giving your office waste a final and external space, ready for pickup.

Motivate your employees to recyclables via memo and maybe even hold a recycling-collection contest to get the ball rolling. You?ll want to move from small paper boxes to something of higher capacity once your new recycling program gains momentum.

In addition to adding more receptacles of higher capacity, you should consider collecting other materials based on your office?s waste management needs. Things like aluminum cans, cardboard and most plastics (codes 1-7; no plastic bags, please), and newspapers can all be recycled. Unfortunately, these items often find themselves headed to the landfill rather than the recycling center.

Waste management and recycling are a commitment but recycling is a worthwhile, eco-friendly investment. Rather than sending recyclables to the landfill, repurpose them and offer a helping hand to the ecosystem. Office waste can be a headache to manage but Automated Waste Services can help. Don?t send recyclables straight to the landfill! Take pride in managing your office waste in an efficient, eco-friendly way by giving recyclable materials a new lease on life at your local recycling center.