Waste Management in Springfield, MO Car Oil

Waste Management in Springfield, MO : How to Dispose of Car Oil

If you are the hands-on type that chooses to change your own car oil, you need to be aware of best practices and regulations of waste management in Springfield, MO.

Residential trash service companies do not pick up used car oil so you will need to do this yourself.

Getting Your Oil Ready For Disposal

You need to safely and carefully get your used oil from the drain pan into secure containers. Some of the newer drain pans come equipped with a built-in funnel. If not, you will need a funnel.

You can also purchase a drain pan with a spout and sealable lid that is designed to transport your oil to the recycling center. However, they can get heavy and difficult to manage when full of oil.

Empty gallon jugs such as the ones that hold detergents are good transporters of your used oil.

The amount of oil that will drain from your car will vary, but you will generally get about several quarts of used oil that you need to properly deal with.

Make sure that the oil has cooled down so that you don?t get burned and the hot oil does not damage your containers. Containers can melt or even worse, burst open from the heat if the oil is too hot. Any other protective measures that you can take to secure the oil will help keep the transporting process clean and safe.

Transportation Of Your Used Oil

Once your oil is secured in containers and any additional containment has been done you are ready to take your oil to an approved waste management drop off location. If you have a truck your safest option is to secure it in the bed of the truck. If you have a car, the safest place is the front passenger floor. This is a flat area and you can keep your eyes on it. Do not put it in the trunk, as it is very likely to tip over or roll around during turns.

Where Can I Properly Dispose Of My Used Oil

You can contact your local center for waste management in Springfield, MO for a listing of approved collection centers in your area.

Why Is It Important To Dispose Of My Oil Properly?

Disposing of oil improperly can cause both groundwater and surface water to become contaminated. Oil that is taken to your approved waste service collection center for waste management in Springfield, MO will be repurposed for other uses and will assure that you are not contributing to pollution of the environment.

Waste Management In Springfield, Missouri

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