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Learn about the many uses for portable storage.

Portable Storage containers are often used when moving. ?Packing up the container and sending it off with a moving company so that your belongings are waiting to be unpacked at your new home can be a great way to move. Portable storage containers are great for more than just moving however.

College Students Coming Home

When moving out of dorms or apartments for the summer, college students often end up bringing home a lot more stuff than they left with. ?Getting a portable storage container for the summer is an easy way to store your student?s belongings for the summer while still keeping them within reach.


When renovating a home or part of a home, clearing out the furniture and belongings from the area being renovated can often be a challenge. A portable storage container is the perfect solution to renovation problems. All of the furniture, dishes, books, and other belongings that once resided in the room or rooms being remodeled can be housed in a portable storage container until renovations are finished and your belongings are ready to find a new home in your shiny new room.

House Flipping/Restoration

When flipping a home or restoring a historical home, you may wish to save some of the original features of the home including light fixtures, woodwork, ceiling tiles, etc. A portable storage container allows you to separate these items from the trash and keep them from being damaged in the restoration process. This can save you money in the long run, not having to find matching fixtures or recreate woodwork accidentally trashed or damaged in the restoration process.

Traveling Museum

Artists are beginning to use portable storage containers as portable galleries that they can set up anywhere around the country. Assuming you can provide enough light source in the container to showcase art pieces and are able to create an inviting interior design in these spaces, they are a great way for artists on the go to show their work in different cities around the country.

Portable storage is a great way to move, and a great way to do other things too! Store household items in portable storage while you?re renovating, or even use the portable storage container as a temporary workshop for outdoor projects. ?You can lock your belongings, tools, and building materials up when you?re not using them for safekeeping, reducing the risk that your large construction tools or valuable building materials will go missing.