Trash Removal and landfill disposal

Trash removal services don?t just make your garbage disappear.

Where does your trash go once your trash removal service takes it from your home? Many of us rarely consider this question, but it is an important one to ask as the threat of climate change becomes more and more imminent and as the amount of organic waste we create decreases. Here is a step by step explanation of where your trash goes after you send it to the curb.

Trash Removal

Your trash removal service picks up the trash you leave on the curb. Most trucks now have automated arms that make dumping larger trash cans into garbage trucks much easier. This allows for fewer trash pickup days, as residents are equipped with larger trash bins.

Transfer Station

Once your garbage collector has your trash safely in his or her truck (which is able to compact trash for more efficient trash removal services), he or she will likely drop the refuse off at a refuse transfer station. ?A transfer station works as a temporary landfill where trash gathers before being loaded onto larger trucks to be transported to a landfill.


In Springfield, MO, all trash goes to the Sanitary Landfill. A landfill buries trash, hoping that the mixed soil and garbage will help to decompose the waste. ?Unfortunately many landfills are so full of non-decomposing or slow to decompose products, that it makes it difficult for even easy to decompose articles to decompose. According to one estimate, about 40% of landfill waste consists of cardboard, newspaper, and other paper products. ?Most paper items are recyclable – and getting rid of recyclable waste in our landfills could go a long way towards helping landfills do their jobs.


In Springfield, methane gas is emitted from the landfill and collected by gas collectors and piped ?into the Noble Hill Landfill Renewable Energy Center. ?The gas is then converted to electricity, which feeds back into the city utilities grid. Other areas burn trash in an incinerator before placing the ashes in the landfill. Often the gas and heat from the incinerators are used to turn turbines and create energy. The gas from the burning of the refuse is then scrubbed in an acid-gas scrubber and cleaned of any dust particles before being released back into the atmosphere.


Products that are recycled through trash removal services are transported in much the same way that regular trash is, but instead of ending up at a landfill, recyclables are brought to a recycling centers. Recycling centers sort like items (metals with metals, glass with glass, plastic with plastic) and melt these items down until they form a raw material. Raw materials are then sold to manufacturers who work with recycled goods to create new products.

So there you have it – the story of trash removal. Automated Waste Services is proud to offer comingled recycling services, and encourages all of their customers to consider recycling. Reducing recyclable refuse in our landfills can help our landfills to function as they?re intended to function – allowing trash to decompose over time, making room for more trash.