Proper trash removal needed for a pile of old tires

Proper Trash Removal for Old Tires

Winter is a popular time to change tires as hazardous road conditions occur more frequently. But what do you do with the old tires? You may be surprised that many people do not contact a trash removal service and properly dispose of their tires. Oftentimes, these large items pile up in a landfill or junkyard, taking up space and adding to our large collection of waste.

Improper Tire Disposal Risks

Many people may not know that improper disposal of old tires can pose many environmental risks. These risks include:Ground Water Leakage: If the tires are in

  • Ground Water Leakage: If the tires are in wet soil, dangerous chemicals from the tires can leak and pollute the groundwater.
  • Methane Gas Production: Because tires are large, they tend to take up a lot of space and pile up in landfills. These piles can produce methane gas which can pollute the ground as well as ground water.
  • Mosquito Breeding Grounds: Mosquitoes love piles of tires because they are insulated and fill with water. This environment is very advantageous for breeding purposes. Mosquitoes pose potential risks because they can carry dangerous diseases that can be transferred to humans and/or pets.
  • Pollution: Some people burn tires or illegally dump them. This practice will add to pollution to both the air and ground.


How to Properly Dispose of Old Tires

There are several different ways that you can dispose of your old tires. A few of these ways include:

  • Donation: You can donate your tires to schools, churches, or any other organization that can use these tires for other purposes.
  • Road Maintenance: You can give your tires to your local public works facility to be used as tar for road maintenance.
  • Local Tire Company: Typically, a local tire company has a way of disposing of the tires for you for a small fee.
  • Repurpose: You can repurpose your tires for your home. Add a tire swing to your yard or create a unique outdoor decor with your old tires.
  • Local Trash Removal Service: Contact your local trash removal service to see if they have a way of disposing of the tires for you. If not, they are sure to have local resources for proper tire disposal!

Contact Your Local Trash Removal Service

If you have questions about tire disposal, contact your local trash removal company like Automated Waste Services. We are experts in recycling and trash removal services. Our friendly staff member will gladly answer your questions. Contact us today to learn more or to get a waste service estimate!