Christmas tree on the ground ready to be picked up by a trash removal company

The Trash Removal Process for Your Live Christmas Tree

The holidays came and went in a flash and now you don?t know what to do with your live Christmas tree. When should you get rid of your tree? How should you dispose of your tree? These two important questions are addressed by your local trash removal service below.

When Should I Throw Away My Live Christmas Tree?

Many people throw away their live Christmas tree shortly after the holidays are over. Traditionally, it is believed to be good luck to take down your tree on January 5th (the Twelfth day of Christmas). Some believe that it is bad luck if you take your tree down any other day.

However, whether you decide to take your tree down the day after Christmas, on the Twelfth day of Christmas, or even months later, make sure that you take your tree down before it dries out. Dried Christmas tree can be a very hazardous centerpiece in your home. The tree?s dry wood will increase the risk of a house fire.

How Do I Dispose of My Live Christmas Tree?

Disposing of your Christmas tree can be very easy with advice from a local trash removal company like Automated Waste Services. You want to begin disposing of your tree by making sure to remove all decorations, the tree stand, and the skirt. You may need to carefully dump out any water left over in the tree stand. Make sure to save your tree stand and decorations for next year?s live Christmas tree!

After you have removed the tree stand and all decor, you then want to cover the tree with a plastic bag. This will prevent your tree from damaging or leaving a big mess behind in your home during the trash removal process. Next, you will want to carry your tree out to the curb where your local trash removal service typically picks up your waste and recycling.

Make sure that you contact your local trash removal company to see if Christmas tree trash removal is available or to set up arrangements for the Christmas tree disposal.

Call Your Local Trash Removal Company

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