Trash Removal Littering

Five significant ways that littering has a negative impact on you.

You are out at the river with your friends and you are offered a piece of gum. You take the gum but aren?t sure what to do with the wrapper. You are normally against littering but decide to throw the wrapper on the ground anyway. It is just a small piece of aluminum. It can?t hurt right? Although it may be just a gum wrapper, that small act costs you a lot more than you think.


Most people don?t realize that littering takes money from our own pockets. The NC Department of Public Safety estimated that 11 billion dollars each year are spent on cleaning up litter in the United States. This is significantly more money than simply using a trash removal service. Just imagine what we could do with 11 billion dollars besides clean up litter.


One of the more obvious impacts is on the environment. Littering in the ocean hurts the homes of the fish living in them and is severely depleting the coral reefs. When we litter on land instead of using a trash removal service, it can start fires or kill plants including crops. If litter gets into our fresh water, the water will become contaminated. When the water becomes contaminated, more money will be taken out of our pockets to filter the water.


If you are an animal lover or you understand that animals are important to the environment, you definitely want to resort to a trash removal service instead of throwing any waste on the ground. Littering causes animals to die or suffocate. Littering can also cause serious deformations in animals that cannot be reversed.


We all know that litter is not a pretty sight. Normally you see litter in areas that have high crime rates. The appearance of litter can cause a lot of stress to an individual and it can attract other acts of defacing. It is much easier and will keep your community cleaner if you use a trash removal service instead.

Unintended Damages

Some individuals have a habit of throwing litter out of their window such as a napkin or a cigarette. Others have items in the back of their truck that fall out on the highway on accident. This debris can cause damage to other cars and can even cause a car wreck. The debris can also hit a person who is walking, running, or riding a bike.

Trash Removal with Automated Waste Services

Littering is a very expensive habit that can cause a lot of damage to the environment, animals, people, and your wallet. Instead of littering, save that waste for your trash removal company like Automated Waste Services. Call us and sign up today.