dumpster in driveway

Minimize the after effects of a rental dumpster.


Imagine you just spent all summer painting the exterior of your home, updating the interior, and re-paving your driveway, all to boost your curb appeal and sell your home. Now that a buyer has finally come through, you?ve closed on your new home and are busy packing up your belongings and getting rid of the clutter you don?t want to take to your new home. As it turns out ? that?s a lot of stuff! You need a dumpster rental to take care of it all but you?re hesitant to plop a heavy, metal object right onto your brand new driveway — and understandably so.

Although very rare, a roll-off dumpster rental could potentially damage your driveway or lawn if you don?t take precautions. And if you?re in the midst of selling a home or moving out, that?s probably the last thing you want to deal with. If you?re planning on renting a large dumpster or putting heavy objects such as old furniture into it, here are a few tips to save your driveway, your lawn, and your sanity.

Estimate how much weight you?ll be dealing with.

Moving is a big project, so you might need to rent a 22 or 30 yard dumpster. Depending on the project, your needs will vary, but it?s important to consider the weight when contacting a waste management service about a dumpster rental. Even if you?re just using the dumpster for portable storage, your driveway will be handling more additional weight than normal. Meet with a professional or call for specific questions regarding your individual property and the size dumpster you?ll need to rent.

residential dumpsterChoose a good spot.

You?ll want to communicate with the trash service you?re using for your dumpster rental and ask them to place the dumpster in a particular spot on your property. If you want to put it on your driveway, make sure to choose the most level area possible, preferably in the shade. Newly paved driveways that get a lot sunlight are more likely to be damaged with impressions because the heat makes the asphalt softer, making it more likely for your dumpster to leave an indents in the driveway.

It?s also important to avoid blocking any doors and make sure you can still squeeze by in your car and get into the garage. If you decide that the street would be the best location for your dumpster, you?ll most likely need to get a permit from the city. The laws will vary based on the location of your home so make sure to do your research. Avoid placing your rental dumpster on grassy areas, as they are more susceptible to impressions and damage.

Realize that plywood is your friend.

Instead of having your dumpster rental placed directly onto your asphalt driveway, have the waste management service set the dumpster on top of a plank of wood. A plank of wood or strips of plywood will help disperse some of the pressure once you start tossing junk away and adding more weight to your dumpster. You can also use planks of plywood to create a walking path to your doorway if the dumpster forces you to walk across your front lawn or a landscaped area to access the door.

Utilize tarps.

If you?re worried about trash flying out of your dumpster and onto your lawn or elsewhere on your property, consider setting up tarps around the outside of the dumpster. If your rental doesn?t have a hinged lid, you may even want to cover the top with a tarp to keep trash locked inside.

Whether you?re moving, doing some intense spring cleaning, or just need some short-term portable storage, a dumpster rental might be the right choice for you. Contact Automated Waste Services today for more information!

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