Automated waste services tips for block party

If you?re gearing up for summer block parties, Automated Waste Services has some ideas on how to cut back on trash.

It?s summer, which means sunshine, water fights, and of course, summer block parties. These events can be tons of fun, but they also create a lot of waste. Here at Automated Waste Services, we specialize in trash removal and waste management for Springfield, MO. For a few ideas on how to keep things green and reduce the amount of garbage following your big event, read on below.

Reduce Paper Waste for Invitations

Most block parties involve paper invites in each mailbox and a couple of extras on bulletin boards and light poles. While this certainly gets the word out, it also wastes a lot of paper products. To save a few trees, and to give your neighbors fewer flyers to deal with, why not deliver your message in chalk? Automated Waste Services definitely recommends this idea.

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to spread the word, and it?s sure to grab everyone?s attention. Use bright colors, and write in big bold letters on the streets and sidewalks around your community. The rain, or a garden hose, can wash the message away when it is no longer needed.

Make a Clear Plan

To avoid unnecessary piles of paper plates, plastic cups, and napkins, make a clear plan ahead of time. Ask everybody in the community to bring their own reusable water bottle or thermos for drinks and a plate for grub. If you?re dead set on disposable dishware, have a few permanent markers handy for people to label drinks and plates; this will reduce second and third cups when they are placed next to identical beverages.

Have Recycling Bins on Hand

It?s common to see garbage bins out and about during a block party, but don?t forget the recycling and compost containers. By having bins available for paper and plastic, as well as food products, you can lower your need for a bulk-trash pickup from Automated Waste Services later in the evening. Make sure each bin is labeled so that you don?t end up with cake and chips in the bottle depository.

Call Automated Waste Services for Pickup

Finally, you can cut back on excess waste by calling in the experts. At Automated Waste Services, we are prepared to help you remove garbage after your party, but we can also supply you with information on recycling and waste management tactics.

Visit our website for a list of acceptable recyclable materials handled by our company, and check out the variety of services and rentals available from Automated Waste Services for your block party.