garbage collector

Gifting and tipping your garbage collector.

Around the holiday season, gifting is in the air. ?Sure we all consider gifts for our family, friends, and even teachers, but what about other service providers we utilize regularly? The garbage collector is one person many of us don?t think about as long as they?re doing they?re job, but think what your life would be like without weekly or bi-weekly garbage collection? ?You?d be stuck hauling your own garbage away – which would certainly mean you have to exert lots of effort and devote much more time than you do now to garbage collection.

While you do already pay for your garbage collection service, giving an extra tip or small gift to show your appreciation for someone who makes your daily life much easier is certainly never a bad idea. Here are a few tips for tipping your garbage collector.

Check With Neighbors

If you live in an area where you and your neighbors all have the same garbage collector – check in with a few neighbors to see what they usually do for the garbage collector during the holidays. If your neighbor leaves a case of soda – perhaps you?ll want to leave home-baked cookies out for your garbage collector to enjoy. Even if your neighbors don?t do anything special for the garbage collector – that doesn?t mean you can?t.

Check With the Trash Removal Company

The trash removal company your garbage collector works for may be able to give you some ideas about how to leave a cash tip or gift for your garbage collector. They may even let you bring the tip into their office to be sure the garbage collector receives it.

Hand Deliver

If you?re home on trash day at the time the garbage is usually collected, watch for the garbage collector and hand deliver a gift or card containing a tip and a quick thank you note to make sure that your garbage collector sees it.

Tape a Card to the Trashcan or Dumpster Lid

This may not be the best way to go if your garbage collector is using an automated truck they don?t have to get out of. ?If you tape the item to the lid of the trashcan or dumpster well, you won?t have to worry about the card or money being lost with the rest of the trash. ?Either remove it if it wasn?t taken, or leave it on the trash can in a plastic bag to waterproof it until the garbage collector finds it.

If you Don?t Have Extra to Give

Some of us may not have an extra $10 to spare – but we all have time to write a quick thank you note. Even a simple handwritten thank you note can help your garbage collector to know you appreciate what they do for you. ?Maybe next time the raccoons get into your garbage the night before trash pickup, you won?t have to come home to a yard full of trash! Letting someone know they?re appreciated can go a long way.

Of course it?s not required to tip those who provide services for you that you already pay for, such as residential trash services. ?However, spreading cheer and expressing gratitude are good things to do all year long. ?Didn?t tip this Christmas? ?Leave a tip for the 4th of July or Labor Day!