Automated?trash service is an improvement.


automated trash service


Before the waste management industry began adopting automated trash services, manual trash collection was a much more strenuous job for waste collection workers, neighborhoods were sometimes littered with the remains of garbage that didn?t make it into the truck, and elderly residents were struggling to carry heavy trash bins to the curb. With automated trash and recycling services, we?ve seen a host of improvements for both residents and garbage collection workers alike.


It?s safer for waste collectors.

Waste collection workers who collect trash in the traditional manual method end of lifting thousands of pounds by the end of the day, which can eventually lead to injuries. Especially back injuries. With automated trash and recycling services, automated side loader trucks pick up trash bins and dumpsters with a mechanical arm, operated by the truck driver. This method drastically reduces the amount of work-related injuries in the waste management industry.


Wheeled trash bins are much easier for residents to manage.

Not only do automated side loaders reduce the amount of weight trash service workers have to carry, but it eases the residential burden of hauling a heavy trash bin filled with garbage to the curbside every week. In many cases, one of the major perks that comes with curbside automated waste is the benefit of uniform wheeled trash cans for the community. Most wheeled trash cans provided by the city are extremely durable (usually lasting at least 10 years) and they are much easier for people to maneuver out to the curb. Residents simply tilt the trash bin back and roll it out to the roadside. Many automated trash service companies provide these for customers, which also eliminates the need for residents to go out and buy their own.


Neighborhoods are more attractive.

Manual waste collection sometimes results in pieces of trash ending up on the road instead of inside the trash truck. With automated trash and recycling services, the trash gets in the truck every time, resulting in an overall cleaner neighborhood street. Plus, for those of us who enjoy uniformity, the sight of a neighborhood with uniform trash bins neatly lining the curb is more visually appealing than a variety of colors. In additional to visual improvements, the wheeled trash bins prevent water from getting into the contents of the can, limiting any drainage from the trucks onto the street roads.


In many cases, the need for plastic trash bags is eliminated.

As many communities have switched to automated trash services, the need for residents to use plastic trash bags has also been eliminated. This both reduces the extra waste caused by plastic bags while also lowering expenses for residents.


Trash is less accessible to animals.

Traditional trash bins have completely separate tops that we take on and off to empty or fill the bin. Unfortunately, animals don?t seem to have any issues doing the same thing. Wheeled trash bins with hinged lids are a great solution because while humans can easily open and lift the lid back to dump trash, animals struggle to do the same. This also limits the amount of trash that ends of strewn all over the street.
Automated waste services in any community can provide valuable benefits to any community in a variety of ways. Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 417-725-4872.


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