Boy biking within safe distance of garbage collection truck

Keep your kids safe near garbage collection trucks.

Our trucks used for garbage collection are big, loud and powerful. If you?ve ever watched them do their work, the things they can do are pretty amazing. So it?s no wonder many young kids are interested in getting up close, watching them work and interacting with the truck operators.

Unfortunately, garbage collection trucks can also be very dangerous ? especially because the driver often has limited visibility when driving and operating the vehicle along small, neighborhood streets.

Though the summer is too quickly coming to a close, your kids will probably make the most of the warm weather they have left by spending their free time playing outside, riding bikes and catching Pokemon near your home.

At Automated Waste Services, of course our goal is to provide the best waste management services in Southwest Missouri, but a huge priority of ours is also the safety and wellbeing of our clients. With that in mind, it?s very important that your children stay safe while in the presence of garbage collection trucks on their route.

Give the Trucks Space

While our garbage collection trucks are doing their work, children or adults nearby need to make sure to maintain a safe distance at all times. People should stay at least 25 feet from trucks at all times and children should never be allowed to climb on or into the vehicle.

Don?t Play Directly in Front Of or Behind Trucks

Like we mentioned earlier, operators of garbage collection trucks have limited visibility while inside the vehicle. This makes it all the more vital that children remain a safe distance from the truck, and avoid playing directly in front of or behind the vehicle.

Do Not Play Inside Trash Bins

Kids love to uses boxes, bins and crates of all kinds to build forts and imaginary castles. If for some reason your child decides to use a trash bin for play purposes, we highly recommend you discourage it. That could become a very dangerous habit in the presence of garbage trucks.

Listen and Watch

Children should always be paying careful attention when the garbage truck comes down the street. Encourage them to listen and watch their surroundings so they learn to take care before bolting across the street in front of a vehicle or carelessly get too close to a waste management vehicle.

Though most of these tips may seem like common sense, here at Automated Waste, we want to make sure to reiterate them to help you keep your kids safe ? especially now that the Pokemon GO app has kids running around with their eyes glued to their phones.

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