Recycling services?simplified.


recycling services

If you?re already letting Automated Waste Services take care of your trash service, you?re in good hands. But did you know we offer both trash and recycling services? Recycling doesn?t have to be a time-consuming ordeal that leaves you sticky and covered in paper cuts after hours of sorting through soda cans and paper. We make it simple so you can still feel good about your conservation efforts while foregoing all the unpleasant sorting. How? Read on to find out.


Why recycle?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated about 254 million tons of trash in 2013. That?s nearly 4.5 pounds of trash per person, per day. Americans recycle 1.5 pounds of their individually generated trash on average, leaving three pounds left for the landfills that eventually go on to release harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases into the air. To make a long story short, we?ve got a lot of work to do to clean up the Earth!


If conservation is important to you, consider recycling at home. You make think that your individual efforts won?t make a difference, but the opposite couldn?t be more true. If you?re the first one in your residential area to add recycling to your current trash services in Nixa or Springfield, chances are you?re neighbors will pick it up too. And maybe even their neighbors and so on. You could start a neighborhood movement! There?s nothing like social pressure to get things going.


What items can I recycle?

Automated Waste Services offers curbside commingled recycling pickup for the following items:


  • Aluminum and tin
  • Newspaper
  • Office paper (excluding shredded paper)
  • Cardboard (must be broken down and flattened into 3×3 pieces)
  • Plastics (no plastic bags please)


If you have questions about any other items you want to recycle, just give us a call. We?re happy to give you the best answers we can.


How do I get started?

Visit our website to learn more about our curbside commingled recycling service or give us a call. Our staff of experts have more than 75 years of experience in waste management and we want to help you set up your home recycling services. No more driving to the nearest recycling center and no more separating plastics from paper, cardboard and aluminum. Just dump all your recyclables into one single container, put it on the curb, and forget about it. We?ll do the rest for you. Call us today at 417-725-4872 for a free estimate.