Think on this before building with a storage container.


housing made with mobile storage containers


School districts, homeowners and business owners are all warming up to the idea of mobile storage container or shipping container architecture. But why? There are many benefits to building with these conex containers that make such an idea appealing to a broad range of individuals and businesses.


good things about mobile storage container architectureMobile storage container construction is often more cost effective than constructing a building or home with other materials like wood or brick. When it comes to shipping container construction, the materials are already there – they just need to be modified to accommodate a living space. A shipping container costs anywhere from $1, 000 – $5, 000 on average and a home made from these mobile containers typically costs about 20 percent less than a traditional home.

The construction itself is also much quicker than the construction of a traditional home or restaurant. The building design just needs to be created and approved and then on-site construction can begin. From that point on, it?s a fast process and depending on the project, can be finished in a matter of days or a few short weeks!

Those interested in a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle may also prefer mobile storage container architecture because of it?s ability to repurpose materials that are already in existence instead of using up more of the Earth?s natural resources. These homes are also highly adaptable for solar power systems and can be utilized in off-grid situations.

Not only is mobile storage container architecture cheaper, more eco-friendly and quicker, but the containers are also highly praised for their durability. Shipping containers are built with longevity in mind so it only makes sense that they would provide sturdy building blocks for living spaces. When adequately reinforced with a sturdy foundation, conex containers are sturdy enough to withstand the elements of nature like rain, wind and snow.


bad things about mobile storage container architectureSome sources claim that living in a home made from mobile storage containers can actually be harmful to your health. Hazards like lead based paint and toxic coatings sprayed onto the surface of the metal during the container?s construction are applied to ensure it survives multiple trips across the ocean – but the possibility that those components can have negative effects on a person over time is widely discussed.

Temperature control in a mobile storage container home can also be a challenge. Unless the shipping container home has been very well insulated, it may be difficult to maintain one temperature throughout the home. Not to mention, areas with extreme temperatures like California, Texas or even Alaska could make it difficult to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Although recycling mobile storage containers to build a home or business is considered an environmentally-friendly thing to do, many of these building projects require more than one shipping container. During all the cutting and installing of doors and windows or sandblasting the container, thousands of pounds of waste is created in the process. Some people would say that?s not very eco-friendly after all.

So what do you think about mobile storage container architecture? Are you a fan or do you think it?s an over-hyped trend? Leave us a comment and let us know what?s on your mind.