outdoor event with garbage collection services

Review your options for garbage collection before planning your next big outdoor event.

Springtime is almost here and many people are gearing up for a season of barbecues, outdoor weddings, festivals, and other similar outdoor events. Planning these events can be a great time but don?t forget about the not-so-great part: the mountain of trash that will inevitably be left at the end of your event. While you may be planning an event at an outdoor venue that provides trash services, such as a fairground or public park, some events may take place at your home or a friend?s farm. For these kinds of events, you need to be sure that you?re ready for the garbage accumulation that will result. A reliable waste management company in Springfield, MO such as Automated Waste Services can provide helpful services such as garbage collection and roll off dumpster rentals to help you better manage all that trash after your event.

Moving Trash on Your Own

It is possible to take care of the trash created on your own without a garbage collection service. While it wouldn?t be most people?s first choice, you can certainly bring your bags of trash to the local dump or landfill. Be sure to check the hours of operation, as most landfills close after dark. Leaving trash out overnight can attract critters like raccoons, opossums, mice, rats, and other undesirable vermin to your outdoor venue. If the event took place at your home or a friend?s home, this is probably something you?d like to avoid as well.

Bulk Trash Pickup

For smaller events, coordinating bulk trash pickup from your event venue (assuming your venue already has regular trash services) may be the way to go. For smaller events, this will probably suffice. But if you?re planning a very large event, you might find yourself up to your neck in bulk trash pickup charges. Most companies have a flat bulk trash rate and charge per item after that, so each bag of trash would be considered an item. If you only have a few extra bags that won?t fit in the trash can, bulk trash pickup may be your best garbage collection option. If your event creates more trash than that, you could be in over your head.

Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Renting a roll off dumpster for these types of events may be your best bet. Work with your local garbage collection company to find the right size dumpster for the amount of trash you expect. Consider everything that will need to be tossed, including tablecloths, plates, cups, flatware, disposable serving dishes and utensils, signs, banners, decorations, cans, bottles, etc. Your local residential trash service company should be able to help you determine the right size dumpster for your event. Renting a roll off dumpster for a one-time event is a very cost-effective way to get rid of trash quickly without the hassle of critter invasions or moving trash into your own vehicle.

Planning for spring and summer outdoor events can be a blast but don?t forget to plan for the cleanup as well. Having enough garbage cans or bags at your event can help make the cleanup process easier on yourself. And renting a roll off dumpster makes cleanup as simple as tossing the bag into the dumpster and calling your garbage collection company to come get the dumpster after the event!