conex box

A conex box has many applications for usage within the military.

Many items that we use every day were invented for military use long before they became household essentials, so it should be no surprise that they?ve found plenty of uses for everyday civilian supplies, as well. One of the most useful items in military employ is the humble conex box. Not just for storage or garbage collection anymore, these versatile containers serve a wide variety of purposes for our military here at home and overseas.

Weapon/Equipment Storage

Perhaps the most obvious military application for a conex box is weapon, ammunition, and equipment storage. With locking mechanisms for any desired level of security, these containers are ideal for safely storing the dangerous and volatile weaponry that the military uses every day. But, as you?ll see, conex boxes have astronomical value for military uses beyond simple storage.

Temporary Barracks

Conex boxes are also perfect for establishing temporary barracks for overseas soldiers. The containers can comfortably fit twelve bunks and provide safety, security, and shelter for deployed troops. Not just for our human soldiers, these containers make ideal storage for military canine kennels and housing, as well.

Easily fitted with climate control systems and electrical support, a conex box can serve as a mobile command center, data communication center, or discreet surveillance outpost. The containers also serve as ideal temporary emergency medical and surgical facilities to treat injured soldiers safely, away from the harsh environment of battle. These versatile conex boxes also work well as office spaces for administrative and support staff, Port of Entry buildings, or security checkpoints.


One of the most high-tech ways the military can use a conex box, is as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). In a U.S. accredited facility, a SCIF is a highly-secure enclosed area that is specially-designated for use in discussing sensitive intelligence without vulnerability to clandestine surveillance. When outfitted as a SCIF, specially-designed ballistic and blast panels protect the container from mortar or rocket threats and are virtually impenetrable by satellite or audio surveillance, providing an ideal location for exchanging information or discussing operations.

Secure Shelter

Conex boxes also provide secure shelter for military personnel in nearly any situation. From blast test observation to air raid training, conex boxes are strong and secure enough to shield our soldiers from imminent danger in the course of their duties. They also function well as IED training facilities and blast and ballistic protection from chemical, mechanical, or vapor explosions, high speed shrapnel, small arms attacks, and Person or Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices. A conex box may be fireproofed, soundproofed, and reinforced to protect against forceful entry for the ultimate option in security.

Conex Boxes With Automated Waste Services

It?s easy to see how these versatile conex boxes can help keep our troops safe and our country secure. While you may just be needing a conex box for trash storage, Automated Waste Services can help. Contact us today for a short or long-term rental!