conex box on construction site

Conex boxes can prove very useful for any construction project.

When working on a construction site there are many things that need to be organized and stored. Rome wasn?t built in a day and your crew certainly can?t finish your big projects in that timeframe either. Conex storage containers can help you to keep your construction site organized, secure, and safe. Here are a few different ways you can use Conex boxes at your worksite. Take note and estimate how many you?ll need to rent.

Secure Storage

Conex boxes are a great way to store a number of different materials at your construction site. Storing expensive equipment or supplies in a Conex box eliminates the need to travel back and forth to a warehouse or central office location to get supplies needed for the day. Not only do Conex containers offer increased efficiency at your construction site, but they also keep your equipment safe. They also have the ability to be locked, meaning your equipment is protected both from the elements and from theft.

Office Space

In order to keep an organized construction site, there must be an office space in which foremen and site managers are able to meet, do paperwork, and make plans and schedules for the project at hand. Conex boxes can be repurposed to serve as this office space. With a few extension cords, some lights, and portable desks and laptops, you can turn a simple storage container into a fully functional construction site office.

Weatherproof Workspace

Bad weather can be a nightmare for a construction project team. Losing a whole day?s worth of work is never in the plans. Using Conex boxes for workspaces to construct or assemble smaller items can help keep your project moving, even in inclement weather. Assembling lighting fixtures, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and similar small projects inside a Conex box means that you don?t have to send workers home when the rain starts coming down and your project doesn?t have to be put on hold until the rain stops.

Staging Space

If you?re constructing a space from scratch, there are plenty of different people who need to be on your construction site, including specialists like plumbers, electricians and HVAC specialists. Scheduling can be a nightmare, especially if space within certain rooms is limited. Using a conex box as a staging space means that any specialists and crew members on site don?t all need to be in the same room to work on their part of the project. Plumbers, electricians, and others can stage parts of their projects in a Conex box rather than assembling all items directly in the crowded construction space.

Renting Conex Boxes from Automated Waste Services

Conex boxes have many uses and benefits on construction sites including increased organization, extra storage and more efficient project management. Using Conex containers for storage, mobile offices, weatherproof workspaces, and extra workspace for small projects can keep your construction project running as smoothly as possible. Automated Waste Services offers Conex containers in multiple different sizes, delivery within a 150-mile radius and even pickup service! Contact us today to learn more about renting Conex boxes for your next project.