Lock on conex box

Deter conex box theft.

It is finally time for that new construction or remodeling project you have been waiting for. You have done your research on storage and large-scale trash and construction removal. You have contacted your local automated waste services company to get a recommendation on the appropriate size conex box you will need. They have also helped you with logistics, what to move, and what to dispose of, etc. You will most likely need one container for bulk trash pickup/trash removal, to keep your yard neat during the process, and one for your storage needs, to protect your personal items from the elements and possible theft.

Your Conex Box Has Been Delivered

So Automated Waste Services has delivered your conex box to your site and construction has begun. Are you aware of the possibility of construction site theft?

What Can Go Wrong?

Conex box storage container theft is a bizarre crime but it does happen in both residential and commercial areas. And unfortunately, storage container theft can cause homeowners and commercial businesses thousands of dollars.

In addition to your actual property being stolen, there may be destruction to your property, such as cut chain link fences, rutted yards, and damage to other items that might incur as the thief removes a conex box from your property. Along with the headache of losing your personal items, your homeowner?s insurance may or may not cover the loss.

Strategies For Protecting Your Conex Box and Property

There are a number of ways you can go about protecting your property. Your first line of defense is a solid exterior fence, although thieves have been known to plow through a fence with a vehicle or cut through a chain link fence.

If you have items of significant value in your conex box, you may want to consider setting up a security system. A camera/webcam system will allow you to view your property at all hours, alerting you to any suspicious activity. A motion detection device can trigger a siren, strobe, or light to deter intruders.

Looking for something a bit less pricey? One easy low-tech solution to dissuade a possible thief is to surround your conex box with pallets and make sure you have a padlock on the door. ?If your box is remaining on a transport trailer, you may also be able to insert a kingpin that will keep a thief from removing it.

If you have taken any or all of these steps, you can avoid the hassle, property loss and related damage of conex box theft.

Don?t forget to contact Automated Waste Services when you are ready to have your conex box removed. We will come pick it up in a timely manner.