Raccoon in roll off dumpster

Protect your roll off dumpster from pests.

If you?ve ever stepped outside your front door or pulled up to your business storefront to find trash strewn all over your property, you know how frustrating it is dealing with nuisance animals. Protecting your roll off dumpster from animals is one of the best ways you can keep your lawn or commercial property clear of debris and safe for visitors.

Here at Automated Waste Services, we offer hook roll off dumpster rentals for all of our clients. These dumpsters make it easy to stash and get rid of leftover trash from construction projects, large amounts of garbage from events, bulky debris from renovation projects and other kinds of clean up. While our roll off dumpsters and pick up services are convenient, they can also attract unwanted visitors to your home or business.

Common Nuisance Animals

Common species of nuisance animals will vary based on region, but here in Southwest Missouri some of the most aggressive culprits are raccoons, squirrels, skunks and birds. These kinds of animals are attracted to food, especially when it?s outside in their natural habitat. Understandably, these animals will be attracted to outdoor dumpsters filled with trash ? which can lead to messy problems for home and business owners.

Keeping Animals Out of Your Roll Off Dumpster

Whether you?ve already had issues with nuisance animals getting into your trash or you?re considering renting a roll off dumpster but want to keep those pesky critters away, there are several things you can do to protect your dumpster.

  1. Make sure trash (especially food) is disposed of properly. This is the best thing you can do to keep critters out of your dumpster! If there are scraps of food or wrappers laying around the exterior of your roll off dumpster, you can be sure that nuisance animals will find them. Trash left on the ground near the exterior of your dumpster is a clear invitation that raccoons, skunks and other critters will happily take you up on.
  2. Shut the dumpster lid. If your roll off dumpster rental has a lid, make sure it is shut at all times ? not just overnight. While nuisance animals are most active at night, they will still be attracted to your garbage during the day if the lid is wide open.
  3. Use deterrents or repellents. If you?ve tried the two tips above and are still having issues with nuisance wildlife, there are animal repellents on the market that will keep them at bay. Major retailers like Target and WalMart will carry animal repellents or you can even make your own solution at home! A common solution that has been said to work is ammonia diluted with water. If the critter problem is especially bad, you can even just use ammonia. Simply spray the solution on the areas around the roll off dumpster, but try to avoid any nearby greenery or plants you don?t want to accidentally kill.

Now that you know how to protect your roll off dumpster from curious critters, call Automated Waste Services today to schedule your rental and pickup service or to get more information. We are proud to provide full-service dumpster rentals, bulk trash pickup and residential recycling and garbage collection services.