trash service worker

Need help choosing a trash service company?

Think about the last time you reviewed a service. ?Did you seek out a place to leave a good review? Not likely. Most people feel compelled to leave bad reviews when they receive service they deem to be unsatisfactory in hopes of steering other potential customers away. Good reviews are usually written by customers whose interactions with a representative from the company were exceptionally pleasant.

Now consider your trash service. ?When do you feel that your trash service was exceptionally great? ?When was the last time you interacted with someone from your trash company? ?Sure, it happens, but probably not often. And your trash service is rarely exceptional – they either do what they said they would or they do not.

Choosing a trash service based on reviews is not realistic. There are plenty of other ways to gauge whether or not a trash service will be one that you?re satisfied with. Here are a few of them.

Call them!

It?s most likely that any of your interactions with your trash company will be conducted via the phone. Is the representative polite? Are the knowledgeable about the services? Can they tell you which day is trash day in your area? Do they provide you with accurate and useful pricing information? Ask whether they call to remind you about changes in the pickup schedule during holiday weeks. Generally your impression of the customer service representative is a good indicator of whether or not the trash service is reputable.

See Which Service Your Neighbors Use

Check the trash cans on the street on trash day. If many of your neighbors use the same trash service, it?s likely that they?re satisfied and that their trash all gets picked up on time.

Ask Friends in the Area

Sure it?s not the best smalltalk for happy hour, but if your friends use a particular company in town and have no complaints, chances are you?re pretty safe.

Check Recycling Services

If curbside commingled recycling is important to you, make sure you ask whether this service is available and how much more it costs. ?Also ask whether recycling and trash days are the same days – you?re less likely to remember to put out your trash or recycling if they?re not collected on the same day.

Trash companies get a bad rap, particularly in the world of online reviews. Picking a trash company certainly isn?t the most important choice ever, but getting truly bad trash service might be! As long as the customer service reps seem friendly and easy to get ahold of, it?s likely that your trash service will go unreviewed and unnoticed.