Garbage Collection is using technology to promote recycling, as well as level the playing field.

It?s true, consumers are being charged more and more for the trash they throw out. It?s why paying solely for the trash you throw out is such an enticing idea. And while this isn?t a groundbreaking thought in garbage collection ? it?s been around for a while ? the technology is now there to help. It?s called radio frequency identification. Keep reading for an explanation from Automated Waste Services.

What is Radio Frequency Identification?

Simply put, it?s a better version of a barcode. It allows garbage collectors and waste management companies to identify specific objects, rather than just general classes. Say, for example, you?re at the grocery store. You?re looking at a frozen pizza for a nice Tuesday evening in. The radio frequency identification (RFID) tag gives you the specific identification for that frozen pizza, instead of generalizing it. Garbage collection translation: barcodes would just identify a specific trash can when performing trash removal.

How Could it Solve the Problem?

This means that garbage collection companies can find out what user is putting out which trash can, which ultimately allows the companies to measure the amount of trash that is emptied into the garbage truck from that trash can. If garbage collection companies can identify how much trash each user threw out, they can charge users individually for what they threw out (fair, right?).

This is good for both the service provider and the customer. With a ?pay as you throw? system in place, it only charges customers for the amount of actual trash they throw out. It?s also good for the service provide because it forces customers not to abuse the system; the more they throw out, the more they pay. The idea here is that it will force customers into recycling the items they are able to, instead of just dumping everything into the trash can. Now everybody?s winning!

How is This a new Idea?

Yes, pay as you throw isn?t a new idea. We at Automated Waste Services agree with that. However, in the past, consumers could abuse the system by putting trash in their neighbor?s trash and such. But now, RFID technology forces customers into being more honest and more serviceable to planet earth.

What?s Next for Garbage Collection?

According to a study on ZD Net, RFID seems to be a more popular idea in Europe rather than the United States (for now). If it becomes something that is mandated by governments, however, then there?s going to be a much faster initiation stage.

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