Live simpler with a conex container home


shipping container:conex container homeShipping container or conex container architecture is taking off at lightning speed and it?s easy to see why shipping container homes are so popular. Not only is the construction fast and easy, but the homes themselves offer a sustainable alternative for those concerned with reducing their carbon footprint and using less of the Earth?s natural resources. Conex containers are composed on non-corrosive steel, they?re nearly rust resistant and they discourage the growth of mold; all perfect for a home.

If you?ve decided that building a sustainable mobile conex home or getaway spot is the right choice for you, it?s important to work with a professional contractor, construction manager and a reliable, legitimate company that sells shipping containers. Once you have your blueprints in hand, your shipping container can be customized and cut to accommodate doors and windows.

Once your conex container is ready for construction, you can have it shipped to your land. Just like any other home, a mobile conex container home sits on a concrete block and is then reinforced with a steel foundation. The storage container is securely welded to the foundation and reinforced to ensure that its safe for living and can withstand the harsh elements of nature like wind, snow and rain.

The on-site construction of your conex container home can be completed within in a short amount of time, sometimes even within a 90-day period! Construction includes insulation of the home, adding exterior siding, installing doors and windows, floor and drywall installation and electrical wiring (among many other things!) As mentioned earlier, it?s important to work with professional contractor that knows what they?re doing to ensure your home is weatherproofed and safe for long-term living. Once the on-site construction is completed, the interior is ready for wallpaper, paint, furnishings and decor!

If you have decided to build your own conex container home, you?ll be pleased with the many benefits that come with it, including but not limited to:

  • affordability
  • ease of construction
  • extreme customization
  • eco-friendly living

Maybe you haven?t had the opportunity to experience the great benefits of a mobile conex container because you?ve never used one. Automated Waste Services can introduce you to the wonders of conex containers with premier storage rentals. Whether you?re just looking for additional short-term storage or want to get some first-hand experience with conex containers, contact us today for a rental!

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