Conex boxes are useful in a number of industries and life situations.

Conex boxes ? also referred to as shipping containers ? are able to serve a number of purposes other than just shipping items from point A to B. The container?s versatility, paired with it?s durable steel structure and portability, allow it to solve many problems across a number of industries. Here, we at Automated Waste Services will highlight a few examples.

Conex Boxes for Hospitality

It?s no surprise that conex boxes make for great temporary lodging facilities. With its ability to be easily implemented and removed, it?s the ideal solution for temporary venues such as an Olympic park or music festival. But surprisingly, conex boxes are also great as a permanent lodging facilities. In fact, highlights a case where an entire Ontario Days Inn was completed with conex boxes used as the primary building material.

Conex Boxes Education

Classrooms across the country are becoming increasingly crowded and it?s only going to get worse. This issue is especially apparent in urban areas, where many classrooms are well above their intended capacities. It?s for that reason that conex boxes can serve as invaluable assets to create additional space for schools. Not only that, but they are also durable (good for everyone involved, from faculty to students to parents) and cost effective.

How Conex Boxes Help aid Disaster Relief

It?s the versatility and portability of the conex box paired with the steel durability of the structure that make the conex box able to help aid in times of disaster. It?s a safe and secure space able to serve as a temporary or permanent housing solution, medical center, storage and relief facility and more. Not only that, but conex boxes can also be modified with amenities to make the structure a more natural home, storage space, or office for as long as it is required to do so.

Conex Box Roundup

Regardless of what industry you are in or operation you oversee, if you need a portable, temporary or even long-term solution, a conex box could very well be the solution you are looking for. With its versatility and durable steel structure, you can feel confident that the structure will provide safety, security, and comfort to whoever needs it (from disaster relief to that nice hip bistro in downtown L.A.), whenever they need it.

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