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Here at Automated Waste Services, we can help you determine the size and placement of your Hook roll-off dumpster to best optimize your container space for your project. Serving just Greene and Christian counties in Missouri – our local waste management company can get your container to you quickly and efficiently.

When moving out of your old address and into a new neighborhood, packing up and moving all your things can be a Herculean task. You need to sort out the trash from the treasure, making sure that each one is placed in a properly-labelled container so you don?t lose track of them during the move.

This same concern also comes to the fore if you plan to implement a full-scale home renovation project. Where will you put that ratty old couch that wish to replace as soon as the paint is dry in the living room? Or the old box of mementos from your high school self, containing every single magazine?you’ve?ever read throughout that time, that you are now ready to let go of?

The dilemma of space

The important thing to know amid the flurry of activity that accompanies a move or a renovation project is where to put all the stuff that you no longer want to keep.

You might think that your backyard is the perfect spot to dump all the unwanted things, but it’s usually the last place you want to use for storage. The trash will create an ugly mess for your house. It might even bring the local authorities sniffing around your yard, putting you in trouble for violating some environmental regulation that you know nothing about. Or it might spark a row with your neighbors, who will most likely loathe to see a pile of trash ruining the beauty of your neighborhood.

At the end of the day, your backyard should be kept free and clear of any debris or waste from your moving or renovation efforts. The trash will not disappear if you let it sit there long enough.

Alternatively, you can hire a hauling company to take out your trash to the landfill, or even to put it in storage for you, in case you want to review your things one last time before finally deciding to throw them away. This is a very expensive option, and few home-owners actually take the leap and entrust their belongings, whether for disposal or for storage, to the hauling companies, especially if they are moving cross-country. You simply cannot fit a life’s worth of possessions into a single U-Haul carrier.

The third and last option you can resort to is to haul out everything to the landfill by yourself. This is of course the most cost-efficient method by far because you only need to procure the proper-sized container for your stuff, and then you?re good to go.

Enter the container

Rolloffs, also known as dumpsters or containers, are the perfect choice if you want to do the hauling on your own. Our hook roll-off containers come in a variety of sizes that will surely accommodate all the stuff you want out of your house, plus a few more “knick-knacks” that you will probably decide to throw away at the last minute.


6 yard container for small construction jobs or clean outs.

Our Hook Roll-off boxes have the following measurements:

  • 6 yards – 6 feet wide x 54 inches tall x 6 feet long
  • 12 yards – 8 feet wide x 3 feet tall x 16 feet long
  • 15 yards – 8 feet wide x 4 feet tall x 16 feet long
  • 22 yards – 8 feet wide x 6 feet tall x 16 feet long
  • 30 yards – 8 feet wide x 6 feet tall x 19 feet long

Our boxes have the peculiar advantage of being able to sit in tighter spaces without compromising ease of access. We even incorporated rear access doors so that you can load and unload our boxes more easily.

Rolloffs are the perfect choice for when you want to get rid of unwanted household trash like concrete, debris, carpeting, scrap wood, drywall, metal, roofing, and solid waste. You will want to rent a container one size bigger than what you think you require, so that you will have enough space for some other things that you want to get rid of.

When deciding what size container to rent, determine the weight and the volume of the items you will load into it. These factors will help you decide how to put everything inside the container, as well as how to lift the container once it is filled to capacity.

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