Trash Removal for Halloween Pumpkin Decor

Ways to Create a Green Halloween and Reduce Waste for Trash Removal

Halloween is near and if you are big on contributing to the frightening, ghoulish fun, you know that a lot of waste can be involved. Just imagine stuffing your garbage bin with spider webs, candy wrappers and fake vampire teeth, among the many other spine-chilling decorations for your local trash removal service to pick up.

While the fun is encouraged, sometimes the waste can be overbearing and discouraging. However, there are several ways to create a greener Halloween in order to reduce the waste added to trash removal as well as increase recycling and sustainability.

Green Halloween Tips

Below are a few ways that can help you create a green Halloween.

  • Pumpkin Compost: If you have ever carved a pumpkin, you may have noticed that they do not last very long. Instead of throwing that monster carved pumpkin in the trash removal bin, throw it in your yard for compost. This is a great way to spruce up your garden or create a richer soil for your grass.
  • DIY Decorations: Instead of purchasing your decorations at the Halloween store, create your own. There are several tutorials online that will teach you how to create fun and scary decorations. Try to use materials that will allow you to recycle with your local trash removal provider.
  • Upcycle Wrappers: Instead of throwing away candy wrappers, try going onto a DIY site to find out ways to repurpose or upcycle these items.
  • Bags, not Buckets: Avoid purchasing a Halloween bucket or plastic container for candy. Instead, try using paper bags. You can create a terrifying Halloween bag for all the candy you will be giving away or receiving.
  • Costume Swap: Many costumes during Halloween are never used again and are eventually thrown in the trash removal bin. Instead of throwing your costume away, donate it or hold a costume swap event. This way, costumes will be reused or traded.
  • Recyclable Materials: When purchasing items for Halloween, try to select all recyclable items. So, avoid filling your garbage bin to the brim with Halloween decor and fill the up the trash removal recycling bin instead.


Trash Removal and Recycling with Automated Waste Services

At Automated Waste Services, we are an experienced, local trash removal company that is here to help you dispose of all of those scary, fun Halloween items. We provide trash removal services for the items you can?t recycle as well as recycling services for the items you can. Contact our friendly staff today to sign up today and let us help you with your green Halloween. We are experts in recycling and are here to answer any questions you may have.