Trash removal for resident

Consider some of these trash removal suggestions before you throw away something that you later realize you could have used.

At Automated Waste Services, trash removal is our business, but we also care about client convenience and the environment. Sometimes, you?ll find that items you toss regularly could come in handy for repurposing. Take a look at these five items we suggest excluding from your next garbage pickup.

1. Keep That Compost During Trash Removal

Egg shells, used tea leaves, and leftover lettuce all have one thing in common: they make wonderful food for your plants. DIY composting has become a huge movement in the United States, especially for those who enjoy gardening. If you don?t already have a compost bin for personal use on your property, you can buy one from a home improvement store, shop online, or build one using lumber or old wooden pallets.

When you store these biodegradable ingredients and allow them to break down, they create nutrients for your soil, helping everything from rose bushes to radishes grow bigger and brighter.

2. Donate, but Don?t Discard

It?s tempting to dump the contents of your closet into a garbage collector for trash removal, but your clothes can be put to better use. Many families around the state of Missouri are in need of these essential items but don?t have the money to buy them new. Donating to a clothing drive, homeless shelter, church, or other non-profit collector doesn?t only clear up space in your home, but it can also clear your conscience.

3. Dryer Lint Is a Camper?s Dream

If you have a washer and dryer in your home, then you most likely toss out dryer lint by the handful. This colorful fluff collects in your dryer?s lint trap as it falls from clothing, towels, and other items as they dry. While it may seem useless to the untrained eye, an outdoorsman or woman will discover the potential in it.

Starting a campfire calls for a few ingredients and a wealth of knowledge. Kindling and bits of paper can help you get started; but if you want a secret that works every time, try dryer lint. Stuff it beneath your kindling, and light it with a match to get a failsafe fire. Just remember to store it somewhere away from the heat until camping season commences.

4. Skip The Raking

Lawn care is a full-time job. From mowing and weeding to raking and bagging, it can take all day (and do a number on your joints and muscles). Would you want to skip some of those aches and pains? Rather than raking up lawn clippings for trash removal, leave them where they lay. That light layer of grass over grass locks in moisture and naturally feeds your lawn as it breaks down to become a nutrient-rich soil. If you can?t stand the sight of it, stick it in your compost bin with the coffee grounds for later use.

5. Save Paper Bags for a Rainy Day

From weekday lunches to childrens? hand puppets, paper bags are used for a multitude of things. When you finish with them, it seems easiest to toss them out during trash removal, but these brown sacks come in handy on rainy days. When your jacket, jeans, or sneakers end up soaked, balling up pieces of a plain paper bag and stuffing it into pockets and the toes of shoes helps dry them out quicker.

For more tips on savvy trash removal and for information on our various services, contact Automated Waste Services today!