Auto service center using conex box for storage

Auto service centers and manufacturers can dramatically increase storage capacity with conex box storage containers.

Auto service centers often house hundreds of replacement parts, tools and tires. All of these parts and tools take up valuable storage space, especially in smaller service centers. Chances are, many auto service centers have more parts and pieces on hand than available storage space. Rather than run the risk of running out of storage space, or having to cut back on the parts you keep in stock, store parts in a secure and safe conex box.

Conex boxes are a cost effective, safe and secure alternative storage solution for automotive parts, tools, accessories and even tires. All too often, in-house storage space is limited, especially when you service so many different kinds of vehicles, requiring you to stock a diverse collection of parts and pieces.

Before you know it, you?ve run out of shelf space and another shipment of parts is due any minute. Rather than cluttering up your storage area, just to house a few more parts, a conex box is the perfect alternative, saving space and time. Worried about security? No sweat. Use a heavy duty lock and key and you?re set. Conex boxes are solid steel, so it will take a lot more than a baseball bat or crowbar to do any damage. Better yet, the double-door latch requires full range of motion before it will disengage and allow the doors to open, so as long as you have a heavy-duty lock, everything stored inside will remain inside.

Conex boxes increase secure storage space while still protecting items from the elements. Rain, sun, wind and hail can do some major damage to valuables if they are left unprotected. Conex box storage containers keep their contents dry and protected from sunlight and storm damage, just as if they were stored indoors ? but without the headache of trying to find additional storage in-house. Nothing is worse than potentially dangerous clutter and limited storage space.

Conex boxes are invaluable to the automotive industry, keeping tools, parts, accessories and tires safe and secure, all while vastly expanding storage capacity and reducing clutter. Small in-house storage space is easily overwhelmed. If you run out of shelf-space, the parts move to the floor ? and even then, you still can?t store it all.

Rather than limit your stock and your ability to conduct fast, efficient business, try renting a conex box storage container from Automated Waste Services. You won?t be disappointed. Save yourself a headache and dramatically increase your storage space today!