Conex box containing boxes of retail merchandise

Lacking storage space at your retail location? Conex boxes are a great solution.

During holiday and back to school seasons many retail establishments find their stockrooms overflowing with excess merchandise and new inventory items. Keeping an organized stockroom is key to efficiently maintaining a store with all inventory on hand. When the inventory starts to pile up and you can?t even tell what you have, your chances of pushing all of that inventory onto the sales floor in an organized fashion are slim. Conex boxes can allow for added secure storage in your store during these busy times ? or even all the time.

Small Stockrooms at the Mall

Often stores in shopping malls and even strip malls have very limited storage space. Because space in malls and strip malls is decided by developers and not necessarily the store that is leasing the space, there is often not enough room to organize and store all the products the retail location has on hand. Some malls offer off-site storage spaces, however these spaces can be quite a distance from your store, making trips to off-site storage very time consuming. Conex boxes are a great way to increase storage space right outside your back door. Whether you?re on the first story of a shopping mall or part of a strip mall, Conex boxes can expand a retail store?s storage space quite conveniently.

Saving Merchandise for Sales

Many stores put away merchandise for annual, semi-annual, or seasonal sales. Stores that switch merchandise often don?t typically have the space to leave discount items on the main sales floor year round. Saving extra merchandise for sales events is a great way to fill store with new merchandise, however, it requires quite a bit of storage space ? especially when new arrivals are still constantly coming in. Placing all of your sale merchandise in secure Conex boxes behind your store is a great way to keep your stockroom and sale items organized and separate. Come sale time, you?ll be glad your sale merchandise is all together and ready to go.

Safeguarding Products

As stated previously, Conex boxes give retail businesses the ability to expand storage space out to the parking lot behind the store. Since Conex containers are weatherproof and can be securely locked, you won?t have to worry about damaged or stolen merchandise in your outdoor storage area.

Storage During Remodel

Looking to remodel your store to gain additional space? Many owners of retail stores find themselves in dire need of storage during construction phases. Conex boxes are a great solution for short-term storage needs. Safely store products within close proximity of the retail store and protect them from any potential damage from the construction work.

Storage is a full-time job in retail. Operations managers and stocking assistants will be grateful for the added storage space that comes with Conex boxes. Consider using a Conex container for your retail storage needs.

Contact Automated Waste Services today for more information about sizes and delivery rates. We?re provide much more than just residential trash services and can help you choose the right size Conex box for you retail store.