benefits of conex box storage during holiday retail shopping season

Conex Box Storage Benefits for Holiday Retail Stores

Owning and managing a retail store during the holiday season can be both a stressful and rewarding situation. You have the opportunity to sell a lot of product, but sometimes it?s difficult to have the space to store all of the extra stuff. At Automated Waste Services, we have a solution for your storage woes. Our conex boxes are perfect for temporary storage of products and equipment.

What is a Conex Box?

A conex box from Automated Waste Services is a temporary but secure mobile storage container. They are perfect for storing a variety of objects, from products to extra shelving and decor items. The boxes protect the products you are storing from the elements and keeps them out of the hands of thieves. There are a variety of sizes available to meet whatever storage needs you have. The box can be delivered to your location as long as it is within 150 miles of our base of operations. Once you get your inventory back under control after the crazy holiday season, Automated Waste Services will come pick up the empty box and get it out of your hair.

Why Should My Retail Store Use a Conex Box?

Think of a conex box as an extra back room during the hectic holiday season?they can help you stay organized and meet the product demands of your customers. You won?t have to miss out on making a sale because you are out of a specific item. If you decorate your store throughout the year and not just around Christmas, a conex box is a great place for storing those other decorations!

Conex boxes aren?t just for inventory storage, either. If your store is moving locations, a box will provide protection and security for your store shelving and other equipment. If you need to do some renovations and update the look of your store, a conex box will help get stuff out of the area so the improvements can be completed with ease.

Conex boxes from Automated Waste Services

Whether you need a conex box for your retail store during the holidays or need trash removal services for your home or business, Automated Waste Services can help! We currently serve Christian County and other nearby areas. Our clientele range from residential, to commercial, to industrial, and we offer a variety of waste management options. Contact Automated Waste Services today for more information on our conex storage boxes or any of the other services we offer!