Lightbulbs Aren?t Fit for Trash Removal

Trash Removal: Don?t Set Out These Household Items

Most of us know we shouldn?t throw away certain plastics, especially those plastic bottles and jugs sporting the recyclable symbol. There are also a few laws when it comes what can and cannot be taken out to the curb for trash removal. Certain items we need and want, whether we consider them necessities or not, shouldn?t go in the trash, and many of us might not even know it. As trash removal experts, the Automated Waste Services team knows what you should and shouldn?t set out on the curb for trash removal from our garbage collectors. Let?s dive right in.

Trash Removal No No Items

Light Bulbs

It might surprise you to know that the best place for light bulbs is not on the curb waiting for garbage collection. Trash removal services will still take light bulbs (half the time we won?t know until much later), but fluorescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, a substance very harmful to the environment. Of course, our garbage collectors also appreciate performing trash removal without worrying about broken glass. You can take light bulbs to the City of Springfield Household Chemical Collection Center.


Many people think that batteries don?t belong in the trash, but not too many people are confident about this. Batteries contain many harmful chemicals, and you should take great care not to toss them in the trash. The City of Springfield Household Chemical Collection Center takes alkaline and zinc carbon batteries. You can return watch batteries to jewelers, and you can take most rechargeable batteries to collection points found in many retail stores.

Smoke Detectors

Some smoke detectors use radiation and some use light beams to detect smoke. If your smoke detector uses radiation or a combination of radiation and light beams, then you should not throw away your smoke detectors. Most companies allow you to mail your old detector back to them. In the rare instance that your company doesn?t take back their detectors, you can take your smoke detectors to the chemical collection center. And don?t forget to recycle the old batteries!

Garbage Collection with Automated Waste Services

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