Automated Waste Services takes an in depth look into Conex boxes.

If you?ve ever seen any movie that involves a shipping yard, you?ve undoubtedly seen boatloads of conex boxes. They are the containers stacked high and wide, often coming in an array of colors ? both vibrant and dull. Great for a number of industries and purposes, a conex box can ship or store anything you so desire. Before buying a conex box, however, we at Automated Waste Services wanted to help educate you on the container. Here we highlight and detail a few key aspects of conex boxes, and things to look for if you should decide to buy.

What are Conex Boxes Made of?

Conex boxes are made of corrugated weathering steel. This steel has been hot-dipped, then cold-rolled to produce a linear pattern across the container, according to 360 Mobile Office. Doing so increases the strength of the steel. It?s also better able to ? pardon the pun ? weather the elements, as well as delay corrosion.

How long does a Conex Box Last?

That depends. If you intend on using the conex box purely for storage or garbage collection, you should expect up to two decades worth of use. However, in the shipping industry, containers are typically used for half that time, and re-inspected at that point, according to 360 Mobile Office.

How do you pay?

Typically, most conex box suppliers accept cash, check or credit card. But be sure you have the money upfront. Many suppliers require payment in full upon purchase.

What Should you Look for When Inspecting the Conex Box?

Don?t just purchase a conex box because it has a nice coat of paint. It?s important to physically inspect the container, otherwise you could be walking away with a leaky storage unit. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • During the day walk inside the container and close the door; look for any holes in the container.
  • Look for rust damage. While avoiding all rust is probably unrealistic, the container shouldn?t be littered in it either.
  • Check the condition of the flooring, doors and locking mechanism.
  • Ask if the conex box has been chemically treated.

Conex box Round up

Conex boxes are great for a number of reasons. But before you fork over the money, make sure you do the proper research. Your wallet will thank you. Contact us for more information on conex boxes or anything else waste management related!