bulk trash pickup

What is bulk trash and how do you dispose of it?

Whether you have a big job, or just a big couch, Automated Waste Services can help you with your bulk trash pickup needs. Here are some guidelines for bulk trash pickup.

What is considered bulk trash?

Any trash that does not fit in your regular trash bin is considered bulk trash. Even an extra bag of trash placed on the side of your trash bin can be considered bulk trash. ?Often customers request that their residential trash service pick up bulk trash such as furniture, television sets, and yard waste.

How to request bulk trash pickup

Call your garbage collection company and alert them to the fact that you will have bulk trash during a certain week. ?Your trash service provider will want to know how many pieces of bulk trash you have – this includes extra bags of trash. Be sure you know how much extra trash you have before calling your trash service provider.

How will I be charged for bulk trash pickup?

Generally trash waste management companies have a flat fee for bulk trash pickup along with a per-item fee for more than one item. You can expect a bill in the mail from your trash service provider, or an extra fee tacked onto your normal monthly bill.

Are there restrictions on the items that can be disposed of?

Yes – any item that wouldn?t be allowed in normal trash – things like motor oil, leftover paint, batteries, flammable or explosive products, and old electronics – like tube televisions. Old TVs and other electronics should be recycled through an electronics recycling center or through similar programs at stores like Best Buy and Staples. Motor oil, paint, batteries, and potentially explosive products need to be disposed of via the proper hazardous waste materials management authorities. Your trash service provider or city government should be able to give you more information on when and where these types of items can be disposed of.

Other Bulk Trash Pickup Tips

Be sure to place your bulk trash outside during the time you discussed with your trash service company. Their personnel plan specifically for your bulk trash, and are on the lookout for it. Be courteous and stick to the schedule provided for you.

Sometimes it?s wiser to leave that extra bag of trash for next week?s trash pickup rather than being charged for a bulk trash pickup. Depending on the amount of trash you generate weekly, this may or may not be an option for you.

Be sure that anything you?re throwing away shouldn?t first be donated or recycled. Automated Waste Services provides curbside recycling services. Be sure your bulk waste issues couldn?t be solved by sorting your trash to utilize a recycling bin. Any furniture that is in decent condition can be donated to local charities of thrift stores in order to reduce waste in landfills. Of course, some of us have that furniture we KNOW nobody wants – and Automated Waste Services is happy to take care of this bulk trash for you.