Automated Waste Services Recycling Bins

A simple guide on which items can and can?t be recycled.

Are you someone who wants to start recycling? Or maybe you’re someone who is already recycling but aren?t sure what you can and can?t recycle. Although it is important to speak with your recycling company about this concern, here is a guide to help you along the way.

Items That Can be Recycled

Plastic: Automated Waste Services and other companies are able to recycle most plastic materials. However, these plastic materials must be a grade of 1 through 7. Normally, you can find the grade number inside a triangular shape somewhere on the plastic item.

Paper: Almost all paper items can be recycled at Automated Waste Services. Some recycling centers cannot recycle shredded paper due to clogging issues or sticky notes due to adhesive. You should ask your recycling provider if these items are acceptable.

Aluminum: Aluminum products are recyclable and will save energy in the long run. Many people drink soda from a can. These cans are the most common aluminum item in a recycling center. Once Automated Waste Services receives these cans, they are easily melted down and reused.

Cardboard: Cardboard is a fantastic material because like paper, it is naturally biodegradable. Although it is biodegradable, it is still wise to recycle the materials so that the materials can be used again instead of having to be re-made. Do not recycle wet cardboard because it could clog up the recycling machine.

Glass: Most glass can be recycled, however, a lot of curbside recycling providers do not accept glass. This is because the process is very difficult and it can also depend on the manufacturing demands. Recycling glass is very beneficial, so be sure to ask your service provider if they will accept glass. Automated Waste Services does not currently accept glass for recycling but we are working on providing this option in the future.

Items that Cannot be Recycled

Plastic Bags: Plastic bags cannot be recycled at Automated Waste Services or other garbage collection companies. This is because they can damage and break the recycling machines. If you would like to recycle your plastic bags, many grocery stores, food pantries, or local stores will accept these items.

Pizza Boxes and Napkins: Pizza boxes and napkins are definitely items that are non-recyclable. These items tend to be contaminated with either grease, oil, or food. This contamination can also damage the machines.

Styrofoam: Technically, styrofoam can be recycled. But, this item is very difficult to recycle and it is not cost efficient. It can also produce dangerous fumes when being broken down. So although styrofoam is recyclable, the cons outweigh the pros. Many recycling centers including Automated Waste Services will not accept styrofoam due to these factors.

Plastic Bottle Caps: Plastic bottle caps are another item that are technically recyclable. Actually, most recycling centers will accept this item. The problem in the past is that the bottle caps and the actually bottle were different grades of plastic. Different grades of plastic are processed differently. Some companies have advanced so that the different grades of plastic will not be an issue. Be sure to contact your recycling center to see if you need to remove the plastic cap before tossing it in the bin.

Glass: Although most glass items can be recycled, there are some items that cannot. These items include light bulbs, ceramics, mirrors and windows.

Contact Automated Waste Services For More Information

Knowing what you can and can?t recycle will save you and the recycling center time and energy. The employees at Automated Waste Services are experts in recycling. If you would like to start recycling or have any questions, contact us today!