Automated Waste Services offer advice for Christmas tree disposal

Christmas Tree Removal Tips from Automated Waste Services

Who doesn?t love the excitement of the holiday season? November and December are filled with decorating, holiday parties, and enjoying the company of friends and family. A holiday tradition for many families is picking out a Christmas tree at a tree farm. After all of the presents have been opened and the celebrations are over, it can be difficult to know exactly how to get rid of your real Christmas tree. Here at Automated Waste Services, we have gathered a few pieces of advice for you to make sure you dispose of your tree correctly.

How NOT to Dispose of a Christmas Tree

In the state of Missouri, it is illegal to dispose of branches and brush through your residential trash services. This means that you can?t through away your Christmas tree with your current Automated Waste Services trash removal. Understandably, this can be an inconvenience for many people who would rather just drag their old tree to the curb and be done with it.

Burning the tree or using it as firewood is not recommended either. Many Christmas trees are treated to prolong their freshness and remove bugs. These treatments can make the trees more flammable and cause injuries if burned. At Automated Waste Services, we want you and your family to be safe, so we recommend other methods of Christmas tree disposal.

Recycle Your Tree

Recycling your Christmas tree may seem a little odd, but it is one of the best ways to safely and effectively dispose of your old tree. In Springfield, Missouri, there are locations run by the city where you can dispose of any branches and other types of brush. There is sometimes a small fee involved, but it goes toward the maintenance of the location.

Occasionally, businesses and organizations offer Christmas tree drop off locations for recycling. Some organizations will even come and collect your tree as a fundraiser. In years past, the Missouri Department of Conservation has partnered with businesses to use old Christmas trees and create habitats for animals. Be on the lookout for advertisements and posts from different businesses and organizations to know your options.

Waste Removal from Automated Waste Services

While we can?t dispose of your old Christmas tree at Automated Waste Services, we offer several other types of waste management in Springfield, Mo, and surrounding areas. Whether you need a roll off dumpster or are interested in our conex box storage options, we have many services to fit your needs. Contact Automated Waste Services today for more information on how we can handle your trash removal needs.