Everything you need to know about recycling and reusing bicycles from Automated Waste Services.

There are a lot of bikes in the world. By default, that means a lot of people will throw away their bikes too. In fact, according to, up to 15 million bikes are thrown away each year ? adding to the already exorbitant amount of trash in landfills. However, there is good news; this is a number we ? as a collective ? can drastically reduce. Automated Waste Services explains how.

Recycling Parts

To confirm: bikes are made of steel, aluminum and rubber. These are all materials that can be recycled. It is typically most practical to do so by donating the bike to a local program. If you don?t live close to a program, however, you can also find programs that ship bicycle parts internationally. (If you just want to dump the entire bike in the recycling bin, there?s no shame in that; it?s better than leaving it to the garbage collector to deal with as trash removal.)

What Recycled Parts are used for

Now that we?ve established how to recycle your bicycle or bicycle parts, we at Automated Waste Services want to discuss what each part can be used for. From rims, to inner tubes, to tires, there?s something you can do with all of them. Below we discuss.

Aluminum parts

Rims, among other aluminum parts, are especially useful in making furniture. You can even choose to keep the rims and make your own furniture, or ? if you don?t fancy yourself as a craftsman ? give them to someone who you know can. Not only that, but aluminum retains its value quite well; to the point that it would be worth your while to separate it out and sell it as scrap to a metal recycler.

Inner Tubes

Inner tubes have many different uses ? especially in Africa. They can be used to help make chairs, purses and bag, while others are great for tying things to racks or trailers, or hanging things from the ceiling.


Bike tires are a lot like a car?s tires in the respect that they can be reused and recycled in the same manner. That means bike shops will collect and store your used tires, which are then shipped out to cooperating vehicle tire stores and placed into their recycling programs. As for what you can do with a reused tire, the uses are vast. According to Earth 911, however, there are three main uses/broad categories to group those uses into: tire-derived fuel (TDF), civil engineering, and ground rubber.

Automated Waste Services Bicycle Recycling Recap

Recycling/reusing won?t solve the world?s trash problem, but it?s a good start. If you have a bike, or bike parts you want to get rid of, recycle them. The earth will thank you. Heck, Automated Waste Services will thank you.

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