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There are 5 reasons why signing up with Automated Waste Services is beneficial to your community.

You probably know at least one person who refuses to buy anything from anywhere unless it is a local business. You often hear that receiving services from a local company is more beneficial than receiving services from a large company. So, we know it is good to buy local but what are the reasons behind it? There are five main reasons why you should consider local businesses like Automated Waste Services over large national businesses.

Economic Support

Automated Waste Services and other local companies provide economic support for their surrounding area. A significant amount of your money spent at a local business will go back to community. Whereas only a very small amount of your money spent at a large chain business will be returned to your community.


Believe it or not, local companies will help provide a lot more employment within your community. According to the United States Small Business Administration, small businesses like Automated Waste Services created 2 million out of the 3 million private sector jobs in the United States. This shows that local companies have a more significant impact on jobs compared to other types of businesses.

Customer Service

If you have ever walked into a local business, you?ve probably noticed the outstanding customer service. Employees at local companies like Automated Waste Services tend to be more friendly, positive, knowledgeable, and able to meet your needs. The employees take pride in their local business and will do their best to provide you with the best experience possible.


By supporting Automated Waste Services and other local companies, you support the environment. Local companies do not have to travel as much, which will reduce the amount of pollution. They also do not produce as much waste as large businesses which will help many different aspects of the environment. A decrease in waste will help with the reduction of toxic gas and acid rain, as well as increase wildlife health.

Community Uplift

There are many ways that local businesses like Automated Waste Services help the community. The money that is spent with these companies will help grow aesthetics and population as well as support local causes. They will also help with important decision-making processes and increase innovation and creativity.

Support Local Business with Automated Waste Services

In order to help your community grow and develop, support your local companies. Automated Waste Services is a local trash service company located in Nixa, MO. ?Contact us to sign up for commercial, industrial, or residential trash services and give back to your local community.