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A conex box is multipurpose.

Portable storage containers (also known as a conex box) are extremely versatile. Here are some creative uses for conex containers.


In recent years, architects have been using conex boxes as building material for homes. From large, luxurious, and modern homes, to trendy ?tiny houses, ? builders everywhere are transforming what seems to be just a regular conext box into a home or guest house that is both beautiful and functional.

Storage for Residents

What happens when an apartment building undergoes necessary renovations? Things like balconies and external stairs cannot wait until residents move out – how else would the property management company pay for these renovations? ?Instead, many offer alternative storage via a lockable conex box for items that residents leave outside – such as patio furniture, plants, bikes, and more. A conex box allows the apartment manager to allow residents access to their belongings while construction is underway and is a great alternative to a roll off dumpster.

Temporary Workshop

Working on a summer project and need some space to spread out your woodworking tools? Restoring a boat and need a safe place to store it before you finish? A conex box makes a great temporary workshop for the do-it-yourselfer. With a few extension cords and some heavy lifting, you could have a workshop in your backyard for the summer – or even longer. Lockable storage containers will keep your tools and projects safe when you aren?t working on them.

Extreme Couponing

We?ve all see the extreme couponer shows. Often all of their closets, garages, and basements are full of their stockpile of goods leaving little room for their other possessions and worse – starting family feuds over the couponer?s hobby. ?Fight no more by using a conex box to store dry goods, paper goods, cleaning supplies, and more without invading your family?s space. They?ll be happy to have the goods on hand, and you?ll be happy to fill your conex container to the brim.

Hosting Charity Drives

Thinking of hosting a clothing drive or canned food drive, but don?t have the space you need to organize such a large event? A conex box can help you to organize your donations. Whether you?re collecting prom dresses for teens from low income families or canned food to donate to your local food pantries, a conex box can help you to keep your donations organized and prepared for distribution.

Shelter for Outdoor Animals

Outdoor dogs and cats get cold just like you do! A conex box can help to protect them from the elements. ?Use straw, blankets, or even space heaters to make the space warm enough for your outdoor animals during the cold months.

Storage for Gap Year of Study Abroad Students

Leaving the country for a year? Many students spend a year or a semester abroad – but what do you do with the furniture? While there are some who might sell all of their furniture before leaving and buy new furniture upon their return, others may feel it?s better to save the furniture for future use. You?d be surprised how much room all of your furniture and other household items take up. ?A roll off dumpster or conex box could be a great solution for your year abroad storage needs. Just make sure you have room to store the storage container itself.

Rain or Shine Garage Sale

Generally a yard sale or garage sale depends on the weather, and often, even in the best conditions, there are still items left over at the end of your sale. Consider a conex container for garage sale season – store your garage sale items in the conex box and open it to the public when your garage sale starts. ?Leave what?s left in the container after the end of the day and open up again the next weekend – no need to haul your unwanted items in and out of the house weekend after weekend. ?Hopefully by the end of garage sale season your conex box will be empty and your home will be decluttered!

Home E-Bay Store

Do you like to collect low cost items to resell on Ebay? Many people store books, thrift store finds, and more in their homes and sell them on Ebay. ?Don?t let the size of your basement or garage limit your store – the more items you have listed the more likely you are to get sales. Having enough inventory to keep your store going is crucial. A conex box can allow you to grow your inventory with extra storage.

As you can see, there are tons of ways to use a conex box. If you?re interested in using one of these storage containers for one of the above reasons (or other) your local residential trash service may offer conex box rentals. Contact Automated Waste Services today to inquire about sizes and pricing today.