Dumpsters aren’t just for trash anymore!



Dumpster on wheels



Construction projects utilizing mobile dumpsters, also known as mobile conex storage containers or shipping containers, have become quite the trend. The mobile dumpster has graduated far beyond a final resting place for snickers wrappers and paper plates and has grown to encompass a wide variety of projects for all kinds of people. Check out these creative uses for shipping containers and explore the world of dumpster architecture.


A school

Countries all over the world are using mobile dumpsters for schools, especially in areas where the budget is limited or eco-friendly living is a priority. One example is the Waldorf School of Orange County in Cosa Mesa, California, which offers an eco-friendly education for students, complete with classrooms made with recycled shipping containers. It?s the first school in the country to uses these kinds of buildings.


An office

Construction teams aren?t the only ones utilizing office containers for on-site offices. How about a backyard office for the businessman who needs a quiet space to get work done at home? Or the freelancer who works from home and needs a way to separate themselves from the attracting distractions of the kitchen and TV? Outfit a mobile dumpster or shipping container with a desk, clock, lamp and any other accessories you may need. There are no rules against having a shabby chic dumpster office.


Home sweet home

Are you wanting to downsize to a more simple life? A mobile shipping container may be the perfect solution. In fact, one Texas professor transformed a 33-square-foot dumpster into a cozy, air-conditioned, sustainable home to change the mindset that a dumpster is simply a dumpster while pursuing campus green living initiatives. He even claims to be happier with less ?stuff? and his project, aptly named The Dumpster Project, is thriving.


An underground bunker

Preppers who are continually preparing for emergencies or natural disasters often store large amounts of items including food, medical items, weapons and generators. A mobile dumpster or storage container can easily be placed into a hole in the ground and buried to be used as a spacious underground bunker if the need ever arises. It is VERY important that you work with an engineer or architect on this one to ensure that the shipping container is properly supported and safe. Long-term moisture or acidic soil can become an issue, so make sure to partner up with a professional and do your homework before kickstarting this project.


A creative studio or art gallery

Every artist needs a creative space free of distractions where inspiration can take hold. Whether you?re a writer, sculptor, painter or jewelry-maker, a mobile dumpster can be revamped and outfitted into an inviting area that invites creativity and ingenuity. Incorporate natural light with a side door or window and make it your own by hanging a tapestry, adding some house plants or showcasing your favorite piece of comfy furniture. If you already have a creative studio elsewhere, a mobile dumpster can also serve as a small art gallery to showcase your work.


A Restaurant

Lemonade stands are a thing of the past with entrepreneurs now outfitting shipping containers to serve hungry patrons. Similar to a food truck, the mobility of this project can be appealing but the limits are endless. In fact, The Smoky Park Supper Club in Asheville, North Carolina opened earlier this spring and is entirely built of shipping containers – nineteen of them, to be exact. The owner worked with an architect to safely design and build the restaurant, which features a farm-to-table menu for guests. Who knew the everyday person could one day be heading to a mobile dumpster to buy lunch?


A mobile garden

For those who live in an urban environment, a mobile dumpster or shipping container can serve as a great home for a small garden. All you need is topsoil and some seeds! The possibilities are endless.


As with all of these projects, it?s extremely important to do your research before getting started. Consult an expert and make sure you know what you?re getting yourself into before you invest valuable time and money.


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