motorcycle to be stored in conex box for summer

Automated Waste Services delivers the perfect conex box storage containers for your warm-weather toys.

Built for the secure and convenient transport of goods, conex boxes are the ideal solution to global shipping. With sturdy steel construction and ground-level doors for loading, they also offer an appealing option for short and long-term storage. The summer months are soon approaching, and you?ll need a secure place to store your recreational vehicles and other warm-weather toys. Consider a conex box from Automated Waste Services.

Solve Your Summer Storage Needs With a Conex Box

Do you and your family enjoy spending summer weekends at the lake? Are you in need of a dry, safe place to park your boat, personal watercraft or fishing gear? A conex box can keep all these items secure and sheltered from the elements.

There is no better way to enjoy the warm weather and summer scenery than taking a ride on your dirtbike or motorcycle. You may not have room in your garage to store these recreational vehicles, however. Consider having Automated Waste Services deliver a conex box to your property. Then, you can rest easy knowing your beloved bike is parked in a safe, weather-proof location close by.

Are your summer weekends an opportunity to become one with nature? Do you look forward to loading up the car with all your camping gear and hitting the trail? A conex box makes a great place to store your camping and hiking gear in between trips and during the winter months.

You don?t have to leave home to experience the wonders of nature, though. Do you use your gardening expertise to cultivate a healthy lawn or vibrant plantings on your own property? Maybe you don?t have room in your basement or garage to store your garden implements, seeds and fertilizer. Again, a conex box from Automated Waste Services offers a dry, pest-resistant solution.

When the weather heats up, outdoor sports will be in full swing. Are baseball bats and gloves strewn across your lawn in the summer? Use a conex box to keep your sports equipment safe and neatly organized. Maybe your backyard is the site for neighborhood games of volleyball, horseshoes or some other recreational activity. Use a conex box to keep your equipment safe and out of the way during the off-season.

Summer is also a good time to clear away the clutter that has accumulated in and around your house. Let the trash removal experts from Automated Waste Services drop off a conex box. You can keep it as long as you need to round up all the junk, and a garbage collection representative will retrieve it as soon as you?re done. A large-scale junk removal project can seem daunting, but these mobile storage containers make the chore much easier.

As you can see, the addition of a conex box is a convenient and versatile solution to your storage needs. For more information about sizes and availability, contact Automated Waste Services, the waste management experts in Springfield, MO.