Garbage collection for residential neighborhood

Benefits of weekly garbage collection.

According to Conserve Energy Future, Americans are responsible for producing 220 million tons of waste per year. Governmental and environmental agencies are striving to deal with this complex problem with safe and efficient strategies. The key to this growing dilemma is waste management, which consists of garbage collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage, sewage and other waste products.

Regular residential garbage collection has many advantages for you as well as for your neighborhood and the community as a whole. Regardless of whether or not you are a homeowner, there is pride in maintaining a neat and clean exterior home environment. Using an automated trash removal company can make this an easy process.

Automated Waste Services in Nixa, Missouri, just outside of Springfield, can provide affordable and regular trash service that is easy to setup and maintain. Our company has more than 75 years in the waste management industry. We are eager to provide you excellent service with a staff available to answer all of your questions about waste management in Springfield, MO and the surrounding areas.

5 Reasons for Employing a Weekly Garbage Collection Service

Yard/Curb Appeal

Trash cans of varying sizes and condition hanging about your property can be an unsightly mess. Messy yards contribute to lower home values for you and your surrounding neighborhood. ?Automated Waste Services will provide you with an attractive 96-gallon trash can. This bin will provide you with enough waste collection space for a week and can be easily maneuvered back and forth from your curb on garbage collection day.

Wildlife/Vermin Control

Leaving trash out for an extended time is an invitation for the local wildlife and vermin population to visit your yard. Critters can make a mess of your trash and drag it all over the place. In addition to an unsightly mess, you may be exposing your pets and neighbors to infection and illness if they encounter waste that has gone bad or even worse ? rabid wildlife.

Be On the Recycling Bandwagon

These days most conscientious people want to know that they are not contributing to the production of waste. By using an automated waste service company for your weekly garbage collection, you can also participate in a recycling program. Now you can separate your trash from your recyclables and both will be picked up and dealt with appropriately.

A Steady Service You Can Rely On

Automated Waste Services will collect your trash on the same day and approximately the same time each week. You can rest assured that that you can wheel your trash bin to the curb and it will be collected as you expect.

Support Your Local Community

By using an automated waste service company for your garbage collection, you will be supporting a local company that is invested in your community. If your surrounding neighbors also choose to use the service, your neighborhood will look neat and clean, which will help increase your property values.

Don?t waste any more time on waste! Contact Automated Waste Services today and give us a call to set up your garbage collection and trash removal services. If you have a need for bulk waste disposal storage, ask us about our roll off dumpster rentals and/or bulk trash pickup. Are you remodeling? Ask us about our conex box storage containers. Regardless of your waste service needs, Automated Waste Services is there to provide professional, friendly and efficient service.