Many People Rent a Conex Box While They Renovate Their House

What Do People Use a Conex Box For?

Let?s face it: most of us who rent a conex box aren?t going to go build a restaurant space or new home with it. While these uses are ingenious, creative and quite popular in today?s world, the majority of rental conex boxes will be used for more everyday purposes.

If you find yourself in need of some extra storage but have never rented a conex box before, here are a few of the more common ways we see our customers using our rental storage containers.

Moving storage.


One of the most common reasons people rent a conex box is for temporary storage while they?re in the process of moving. Conex boxes are perfect for storing just about anything?from pots and pans to picture frames and more. Rental storage units can be placed outside your old home or on your new property, depending on what you need and when you need it most.



Renovations can be messy, resulting in some serious debris. While many people also may rent a roll off dumpster to get rid of large quantities of waste from the construction, many also find a conex box to be a very convenient space to store furniture and other items they do not want to be damaged during the process. Conex boxes will provide much-needed protection for heirloom items or other valuables inside your home that you don’t? want to risk damaging during the shuffle.

Extra retail space.


If your retail store just isn?t large enough to handle your business, but you?re not quite ready to move into a new space, a conex box can be a fantastic solution for temporary storage. Simply have the box placed somewhere on your property and enjoy short-term or long-term storage that?s easily accessible from your retail space.

Tools, machinery and bulky equipment.


For anyone that owns an auto garage or simply has a garage overflowing with tools and lawn equipment, a conex box is a simple and easy way to declutter the space. Use it as a temporary shed or a long-term place to keep those bulky items.

Seasonal decor.


There?s never really a great place to put seasonal decor when it?s not in use, but a mobile conex box can change that in an instant. Store your Christmas tree, ornaments, Halloween decorations and icicle lights in an outdoor location that?s out of the way and easy to access when needed. Conex boxes can be placed just about anywhere (depending on your city?s code and regulations), so your seasonal items will never be too far out of reach.

Rent Your Conex Box from Automated Waste Services

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